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Andrew St George

Advisor / Academic


Andrew’s impact is in his unique approach to bringing together qualities of clarity, leadership and persuasiveness through rigorous analysis, open-minded creativity and precise delivery


Andrew St George: advisor to:

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The Second Sea Lord commissioned Andrew to write the Royal Navy Way of Leadership. This seminal book has been issued to all Navy personnel and is available on Amazon. Its simple, powerful message is that military leadership can apply to all management & leadership. Andrew works with Navies around the world, and has run leadership research projects with the Royal Navy. 


Andrew is a Senior Advisor to the Firm and an advisor to Aberkyn. He co-wrote Leadership at Scale, and has contributed to many articles on leadership, agility and agile operations & strategy. He advises on health, public sector, and energy; and he works with the Firm in these sectors.

Andrew is a senior advisor to the NHS through his work with the Rose Review and the Messenger Review. He was at the core of both. He is now working on the implementation of the Messenger Review in planning leadership & management in the NHS for the next three years. Andrew is a member of the Leadership Academy faculty, ranked in the top three providers in Leadership Development (#2) and Research (#1) in 2023 (including large professional services firms).


Andrew has worked with the Sandhurst team to create the Army’s leadership code, and to advise the Commandant on the thinking and content of leadership development. He has also spoken at and advised the Joint Services Command & Staff College on leadership development.


Andrew has worked with DPers (Personnel Department) of the Army in planning for recruitment & retention; and with the same department on decision-making and information flow based on an agile transformation.


Chief speech writer for the CEO / Chair of M&S, Sir Stuart Rose, now Lord Rose; and for Lord Myners. Andrew wrote speeches for the office of the CEO during the roll-out of Plan A for Sustainability and covering several Annual General Meetings.


Aside from delivering parts of the prestigious Senior Command Course, Andrew was central to the team that ran the national leadership review in policing across all 45 (+3) UK Police Forces. The review reported on the future of policing, its leadership requirements. Andrew has spoken at several Forces as a result of his work with the College.


While Partner at Westhill, Andrew helped shape the communications strategy for Diageo in the USA, setting out initiatives for sensible alcohol consumption. The strong branding of Diageo (the first UK company to place a book value on its brands) enabled an innovative and activist approach.


Andrew was an Associate at the Said Business School, working with the School to serve governments and other clients in leadership development.


Andrew wrote the History of Spencer Stuart, one of the best executive search firms in the world. He worked closely with the firm’s partners and clients, and showed how Spencer Stuart had been at the heart of the growth of the search sector in the USA and in Europe (now in Asia). He continued his relationship with the firm through the Spencer Stuart Governance Lexicon and through a series of articles about leadership.


SABIC – the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation was founded by 12 employees in 1976 and has come to be one of the top 5 largest petrochemical companies in the world. Andrew tells their story in “The SABIC Way” a deeply researched account of the history, culture and operations of this remarkable company; SABIC is part of the sustainability imperative, and is a pioneer in the circular economy.


Educated at Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard, Andrew also serves as a visiting professor and advisor to other leading academic institutes

Andrew St George: alma mater


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
English Language and Literature, (Double First)



Senior Scholar, Research Fellow (Christ Church)


Kennedy Fellow

Harvard University
(UK & Commonwealth 12/24 month award)


Visiting Professor


Reader (Associate Professor)


Visiting Professor




Associate Professor



(Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts)



(Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society)


Fellow of British American Project

Andrew St George: selected publications


Royal Navy Way of Leadership

by Andrew St George

Preface Publishing, 2012


ISBN-13: 978-1848093454

The Second Sea Lord of the Royal Navy asked Andrew St George to spend time with every level of the Navy staff, from junior sailors in the engine room of an aircraft carrier, to handlers of landing craft, through to Royal Marines, ships’ commanders, and Royal Navy staff right up to Navy Board and Cabinet level. This book charts that journey.


How To Buy a Business

by Andrew St George

How to Buy a Business guides you through the various options and stages involved in buying a pub, restaurant, hotel, shop, care home or children’s day nursery.

Christie & Co, 2005


ISBN-13: 978-0950956022


The Descent of Manners:

Etiquette, Rules and the Victorians

by Andrew St George

Random House UK, 1993


ISBN-13: 978-0701136239

Looking at the subtle and often bizarre codes of manners that ruled all aspects of Victorian life, Andrew St George demonstrates how far "manners" permeated the Victorian mentality, from the way they talked, dressed, furnished their houses and courted their wives to the way they saw the world, judged their achievements.

Spencer Stuart: The First 50 Years

by Andrew St George

Granta Editions, 2006

ISBN-13: 978-1857570861


Leadership at Scale

by Andrew St George

McKinsey & Co / Hachette, 2019

ISBN-13: 978-1473684188


Browning & Conversation

by Andrew St George

Macmillan, 1993

ISBN-13: 978-0333559079


A History of Norton Rose

by Andrew St George

Granta Editions, 1995

ISBN-13: 978-1857570281


Clear English (with F H St George)

by Andrew

St George Bloomsbury, 1996

ISBN-10: 0747526133

J O H - A History of JO Hambro

by Andrew St George

Granta Editions, 1992


Eric Sosnow Scholarships

(Andrew St George ed, w/Simon Schama)

United City Merchants, 1987


Crisis Communications

by Andrew St George

Granta Editions, 2001


A History of Zuellig & Cie

(ghosted by Andrew St George)



by Andrew St George

in production, 2023


Ralph Kohn Advisory Services:

A History of the Kohn Foundation

by Andrew St George


J H Plumb, Historian

The greatest scholar of his generation.


Andrew St George

Advisor / Academic

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